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Balance Proposal: Boom Brothers

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Boom Brothers:

The greatest flaw of Boom Brothers seems to be a lack of valid reasoning for use. While it is not a bad card there are so many cards in T4 fire that dominate versus XL that this card sees no spotlight.

Therefore, we'd like to propose the following change:

Ability: BOOM!
- Increase damage from 1100 (2640) to 2400 (3200).

This change was voted on by the Community & Representatives of the Skylords Reborn Balancing Discord.

Voting Results:

Public Vote - :fireorb: | 26 :natureorb:

Representative Vote - :natureorb:

This should put Boom Brothers into a nice spot of serving as a powerful counter to bosses or single XL targets.

We will revisit if further balance is necessary.

With love,

Aqua <3

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