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Howdy y'all,


As you may or may not know, I've made most of the videos on the largest BattleForge YouTube channel: The BattleForge Creator's Guild. I also made some promises a long time ago about how this was going to change and we were going to upload a lot of videos.

And then I disappeared for 8 months and the channel went dead.


Sorry about that, and for now I'm not going to promise anything. Real life schedules are unpredictable. I might make a video on my personal channel about what happened. Or maybe not.

However, I really want to feature other creators on this channel. That's what it's about: for all creators.


So for anyone who streams or records their own gameplay, gameplay of others, discussion videos, or really anything: please let me know if you are interested in contributing to the channel. We can set you up as a guest poster, or if you're interested, we can even give you access to the channel to regularly upload videos. 

You can join our discord here. Feel free to hang out, contribute, or whatever.

If you're interested in making videos but you're not sure how, I've been considering making a short "How to YouTube" series or something like that. If that's something people are interested in, I'd be happy to assist and provide some assets. In general, if you're looking to produce BattleForge content and you want help, feel free to ask me.


Personal life permitting, I'll try to upload more videos soon, and we might even get @LagOps and @RadicalX to upload within the next couple months. Hopefully, we'll see some videos from new creators as well!

Please comment below or in the Creator Discord if you're interested in making BattleForge content!


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