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I always played frost decks in the past, and the most important reason for that is that i just love the frost OST, and hate the other 3 elements' music.

Is there a way i can change the other 3 color to play the frost ost? I know could just play the ost from youtube but i d like some other way.

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This would be possible when changing the content of the game files. The game itself doesn't have sound files located in the file system. They get extracted upon game start.

But if you would change the content (when you know how), you will probably get problems when we release the new Updater. Because it will check for modified files and redownload them to lower the risk of game crashes.

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I don't think so. But you may cause some trouble with game crashes due to not working game files. And you will also get error messages when the new Updater is getting released and you start a file integrity check (or an automated check is getting started).

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I liked the idea so I have given it a shot.

1.       Find pak file and extract
2.       Find some MP3 and convert them to sns files
3.       Replace the shadow songs
4.       Generate the pak file and start BF

Result -> Crash (as Aviat0r, predicted)
I have changed the MP3 formats (Dif. Bitrate, etc.)  but still -> crash.
Using the same file for shadow1_stream & shadow1_var_stream -> crash.
(Var is the same music but a bit more intense – is playing when your camera is near a battle)
Changing some settings in the converter -> crash.

So in the end, could be possible, but only with mush try an error. (or luck)

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