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Defense orientated rPve

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Since we are talking a lot about the balancing of weak Pve cards on discord, I though maybe we can just create a map that can fix many balancing issues as well. Currently one of the most played maps is the rPve. But you only (or at least 95% of the time) need to attack in that mode so some defensive cards are rarely played in general. Not because they are bad, but because there are only very few maps (which are also played rarely) in which they are actually usefull.

So how about a defensive rPve? I don't know in what extend you can randomize the attacking units or even the map but just imagine it like this:

You start in the middle of the map with t1. Then enemies attack you from all sides and you have to defend for ~5 minutes. Then a second monument with 2 wells appear and you have to defend for another ~5 minutes and so on. Maybe add a wall you can build and let the enemy attack you from only one or two sides in lower difficulties. There's also a 2 player and 4 player version and you get the same rewards as in the normal rPve.

What do you guys think of this idea?

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Let me guess: You'll just link me to a tutorial how to build maps? :D

Is it even possible at the current state that you can implement user maps in the game with a reward?

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it is not only possible, but easy, I chosing which maps give rewards and which do not. Why would I lik you to tutorial? :thinking: if you would be interested in making the map yourself, you would already find it. (Thre is one more possibility, that you are interested, but can not find the tutorials, but for that case I would see it as waste of time)

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