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3 - possible wheels of gift bug (?)

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NAME: possible wheel of gift bug


LOCATION: in play

REPRODUCIBILITY: saw it just once. I've read somewhere that you guys are the replays on the server. So you could look into this. Otherwise this report is useless and could be deleted...

DESCRIPTION: in a game I noticed a double wog icon on an unit. Might be something like a display bug or did we accidentally build up two wheels at the same time? (I thought the abuse of more than one wheel was corrected)


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: game was on 28.4. and ended 10:50 German time zone


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I was able to reproduce this with one player building a U2 Wheel of Gifts, and another one building a U3 Wheel of Gifts. While the ability did indeed show up twice, it did not stack. So this bug is only visual. We should be able to fix this in the future though.

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