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Custom PVP maps - "Can't be found on your local device"

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I've been trying to download custom maps ingame for PVP but I keep getting this error everytime I attempt to:

"You cannot play this map, it can't be found on your local device."


It occurs after what appears to be a normal download task, but it does appear to not have a filename for download.  (Note that I am in the Sparring grounds to download the map, not user-generated content.)

Could I get some suggestions to fix this?


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I deleted all maps at that location and it fails, I've noticed that the maps appear in the map folder and there is no error message now, but when creating it; It downloads and then does nothing.


I also tried joining the previous guy and had initial error, but since he's still there which is unusual, maybe he's bugged.


Is there a way I can be more helpful?

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