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3 - Wrong Gold Count

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NAME: Wrong Gold Count (somewhere)


LOCATION: Upgrade Screen


DESCRIPTION: See attached Picture. And Additional Infomation.

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: yes, explains most of this bug...

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Happend after a multiplayer match, which did not finished (I think that was because of one Player got a disconnect earlier). Basically we did won, but the game did not end. I quited the match (not the game), so I recieved no loot, exept some Gold from the chests (I guess). Probably this Gold was not be taken into account. After I restarted the game, I had the same amount of Gold diplayed in the upper Corner and the upgrade did work.


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Game count gold from chests on its own and server can affect it :(

Server give the gold from chests when the match end. (so the match probably end sometime around your relog, so you have enough gold after it)

Can you please add any details about the match? @Flrbb

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Map was King of Giants.. cannot remember much else. At the last set of orbs we were only 3 players. Reaching the end of the map, killing everything... We waited a minute or something like that. Then I quit the match.


If you need specific information then ask...

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do you have replay to check that you really kill everything? if no please try to specify the time when the match start as precisely as possible, and names of other players and I will try to found replay on server.

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In that mission you do not have to kill everything. We did tear down all the walls completely. The win condition usually triggers when Jorne&Rogan disappear. The condition for a lost match is, when Rogan is down to 0 HP.

I did not enable the "save all replays". So everything is lost. maybe you should make the saves as a default. :)

If I am not mistaken, the end of match was not much (like 5 minutes) before the bug report. Cannot remember any names.

Also, that bug was common/known in original BF.

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