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Modifications to end game summary

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Currently, the end game statistics (2nd tab) are showing your values, the total and the best value and that player. If you have e.g. killed the most enemies, the you'll miss some information on how many less another player has killed. What about to add more columns to this table? Like, showing each players values, but no sum (at least I wouldn't miss that column).

Also, at least for non-pvp games, there are some rows which are uninteresting. These could be removed when not playing PvP.

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besides, what is the meaning of the first two values?

well, I do have an idea what one of These values is. but then; what is the other...

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to be sure we speak about same columns:

First column is My score 

Second column is Sum of me and my teammates which is same as My score in 1p and 1v1

Third column is Sum of opponents scores which is "---" in PvE

Fourth column is Best player for each row which is me for 1p

I do not see any PvP, or PvE specific rows :thinking: which one you mean? "some rows which are uninteresting"

About the columns I do not think 6 value columns would fit the current window width (which is defined by smallest supported resolution, ans some players use it).

Columns are universal for all game modes, having them different is possible, but it would require changes (for each resolution probably).

You can add more detailed suggestion, but do not expect adding something here any time soon (most probably).

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