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BF Font alternatives

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TL, DR: I looked for BF fonts and these are the ones I found that share similarities.

In my quest to create a logo for the Battleforge Creator's Guild channel (formerly Skylords Reborn Community) I have been on the lookout for fonts that are similar to the one used in the original logos of BF. As I have already experienced when helping with the creation of the "Battleforge Reborn" banner it is incredibly time-consuming to create every letter by hand. You need to determine or recreate the core shape, add background layers, colouring, shading, and then fuse all of the letters together into a whole by texturing and blending it together. So for new projects I'd like to have a font at hand where I can at least use the shape without the need to do major adjustments to it. Someone with more typographical knowledge than me might find something even better than I have. But these are my results.

@Darian DelFord Your thread from 3 years ago might be a bit outdated but if you`re still interested here you go.

All of the fonts are licensed and need to be bought for official use. As I don't have any commercial interests I take the freedom to use them as templates and modify them as needed. Just keep in mind that this is not open-source or freeware per se.

Ravenwood - https://www.fonts.com/de/font/aerotype/ravenwood

This one really stood out as it is almost exactly the same in many regards. While at first it might look a bit weird when comparing it to the BF font the single letters share many characteristics like general shape, thickness, proportions and even the edges line up in most places. If anyone ever has the ambition to recreate a Battleforge font as a whole this would be the place to start and adjust.

Gottar - https://www.fonts.com/de/font/intellecta-design/gottar

This one is not really that similar to the BF font but then again it shares a lot of details with it where the Ravenwood font is lacking. This font should not be used as a direct alternative and can't be used to predict what letters would look like that are never seen in the original BF banner. But it can be used to complement the Ravenwood font with parts and details.

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