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rPvE 9 - need advice - Bloodhorn centered deck

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This is my current deck. In general, I'd say Shadow Phoenix would be better than Shadow mage, but when T3 is close to T2, then the Mages are definitly more stable (with Soul Splicer). This deck destroys camps wery well; Infect, Cluster Explosion, Stampede. But it really struggles against two things: single unique enemies like Nyxia (Only a few Bloodhorns can attack simutanously, I do spam Ashbones in that case, works ok-ish) and even worse: other small groups of enemys on the run. Bloodhorns are not very effective against those. Usually, Infect and Undead Army don't work on those (because not dead yet), Lavafiled and Soulshatter do not kill all of them. It just takes ages to kill them. This is why I 'd like some advice, maybe a card I overlooked. Aura of Pain is the least used card (and also very, very ineffective), so I do have a spare slot. Which card to substitute?

Thanks in advance.


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Tbh i would build the whole deck differently.
Inc. Mo does nothing for you in this deck. Sure the damage reduction is nice but why bother when this desk is all about nuking bases.
I would also add the other affinity of cluster and Inferno and frenetic assaut instead of aura of pain, blood healing lavafield.
Would also add Cultist Master for a faster transition from t3 to t4. Nether warp is worth thinking about, the utility it offers is simply to good to pass up on in a lot of cases.

I would probably use this:
Shadow Mage
Soulhunter/Ashbone/Lavafield (or any other card you want really)
Cultist Master
Resource Booster
Soul Splicer
Cluster Explosion
Cluster Explosion
frenetic assault (nature)
Nether Warp
Unholy Hero

The additional damage and cc spells should solve much of your issue with small units. I tend to play fire t1 for that case and just have eruption for those cases - but it really is just personal perference. You could try to use offering on CM and then just double soulshatter or something.
There is no single best card for close bases, its more about how you play those out in general in regards to timing, taking wells and positioning. Shadow Mage with splicer is a good solution for defences though. Phoenix not bad either though - it is important to not use them brainlessly though - shouldnt be to much of an issues anyways with embalmer shrine though.
For bosses you can just use Unholy Hero. For the small ones like Nyxia you simply leave one red affinity with activated ability and unholy hero behind and move on with the rest. After shes dead just offer and resummon.
I dont take bloodhealing because you either just offer and respawn them when they get to low and the healing of stampeding through buildings is generally enough of heal with all that nuke potential - thats why i dont take earthshaker either - you basically cut your own healing which is suboptimal.

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In some way you are right. I do use Mo and Blood Healing for comfort reasons. Anyway, thank you for your input on new cards - especially I totaly have forgotten that Inferno exists. :)

If I remember correctly, the nature Frenetic Assault slows the target to walking speed and the shadow version adds a (very small) life degen to all units within the circle. As all units will stand still and fight each other, why do you recomend the nature affinity?

You wrote something about fire start. Downside would be that resource booster comes availabe one tier later. And that I am not used to fire t1. I suppose Mine and Nomad (green) would be enough? Even for Lost Souls in rPvE9?


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Frenetic nature affinity allows you to target buildings. Units tend to clump around those - especially the artilleries, so the nature affinity allows you to maximize cc (which is the main function of this spell) and therefor take less damage. For incomming waves shadow affinity would be better but its a minor downside conpared to what you gain, especially since you dont lose that much damage in camps compared to the shadow affinity (more cc = more units damaging each other = more damage).

Yes downside is that you have resource booster later, which is a pretty major one but not one Bandits can not deal with as it is not a faction that is heavily unit dependant in t4. Power for spells is to be prioritized. You will rarely find need for more than 3-4 Bloodhorns even fore the hardest camps, so getting the boosters 2 minutes later is acceptable if not optimal. Fire grants you with a natural solution to your problem with small units being leftover after the fight and with the easiest/fastest/best t1 in the game.

Both ways are acceptable and good solutions, whatever you pick is personal preference. Fore fire t1 i run: Sunstrider (mostly for trapping lost dancer), Nomads, Mine, Eruption(mostly for nuking the enemy spawn when i have a close base)

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