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I mean yesterday my gf decided to try this game. I have my own house and she have her own one so we will usually play on 2 pcs (even with different internet ofc). The thing is can I play sometimes with her pc (and internet) with my own Acc or viceversa?

Actually i played some games on her pc before she created her Acc so i would like to know if is there any problems

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So my question is In his scenario if he was to play on on his gf computer using his acc even though she has her own acc, and he and she trade cards back and forth between each other, would they get banned for multi accounting? How could you tell if it is not the same person or 2 different ppl? My lil brother likes to copy the games I play and I usually let him play on my PC while i'm at work. He unfortunately does not have his own PC. So how would the devs know i'm not multi accounting?

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Roommates/Siblings/Shared PCs should remain unaffected. There is no need to contact staff for sharing a network, having the same IP or using the same device within the same household. Please only contact staff for people being banned in this situation.

from the yellow bar on top of page.

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