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  1. zopo96

    Same pc for 2 Accs?

    maybe I should do the post here to get a mod to confirm. I really want to know if I can share pc sometimes (we have 2 but sometimes we use the same one) and maybe some cards to help my gf. Other times I had problems with some websites and that kind of stuff so I want to be sure
  2. zopo96

    Same pc for 2 Accs?

    Yup, I was thinking about letting her some cards that I have repeated, I mean she have nothing now, but im not sure if I can do that kind of help either. At least I can send some of them at the start so she can make a decent deck?
  3. zopo96

    Same pc for 2 Accs?

    Yeah I know that and for what I understood shouldnt be a problem but im not entirely sure xD
  4. zopo96

    Same pc for 2 Accs?

    I mean yesterday my gf decided to try this game. I have my own house and she have her own one so we will usually play on 2 pcs (even with different internet ofc). The thing is can I play sometimes with her pc (and internet) with my own Acc or viceversa? Actually i played some games on her pc before she created her Acc so i would like to know if is there any problems

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