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1 - Card not received after buyout auction, got empty mail


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  • NAME: Card not received after buyout auction, got empty mail
  • SEVERITY: 1 
  • LOCATION: Auction House
  • REPRODUCIBILITY: First time it has happened. 
  • DESCRIPTION: Bought a couple of cards. This one just disappeared. Not sure if it happened while collecting the other cards, or if it never arrived in mail.
  • SCREENSHOT: Screenshot of mail and search in cards, it's not there.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: So it's 1. mail never arrived, 2. it failed while pressing collect all, 3. it failed because I had 2 mails ready for buyout and I opened the first, and the second then failed. Not sure!

battleforge auction bug.png

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I got nearly the same problem yesterday evening. I bought an Avatar of Frost (1050 BFP) and a Mountaineer (1250 BFP) directly after each other in the AH. I received the cards by Mail. The cards have been visible in my card library. I could summon them in the Forge once. And after that they are suddenly gone from my library. 3 mins later a System admin released a System massage that the AH is broken somehow.

Now I lost 2,300 BFP and the two cards.

For me it is the first time that something got lost.

Is there any possibility to get the BFP or cards back?

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why you saying "same bug"??? We was trying to reproduce this one whole yesterday with no success card always arrived. The bug that seller was able to get card back was already fixed, but we found no way to receive empty mail, or not receive mail at all.


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