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Question thats going around the server

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14 hours ago, Monsterdog1337 said:

do i need to install the actual game again first before it works?


Well mate for playing the game you need the Client, aka the game files and the Skylords Updater. So yeah basicly you need to install the actual game to get it running :) But keep in mind you can't install the old original Battleforge from CD or whatever, you need to download the game files from the Skylords Project. Which can be found somewhere in the following post:


I'd highly recommend you to read this post anyways since I think it will solve the most of your question already ;) 


Also, Hello Kiwi :lol:

14 hours ago, Kiwi said:

@Monsterdog1337 What problem are you having or are you asking for full release if you'll have to re-install?


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