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No gold + experience after match and new maps dont unlock

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Location: Forge

REPRODUCIBILITY: i have completed "Mo" 4 times, it is still not unlocked.

DESCRIPTION: i have completed "Mo" 4 times and "Ocean" wont unlock. I've had some DC issues with the transition from map to forge. But i completed "Mo" again with no issues at all, but "Ocean" is still not unlocked

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Not really needed, just "Ocean" that is still greyed out

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NAME: Maps are not unlocked


LOCATION: Worldmap/Lorebook


DESCRIPTION: After finishing 'The Crusade' solo/with another player, i am not able to start 'Sunbridge'. The chapter about it, is missing in the Lore Book, too.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: After the last attempt neither me nor me coplayer were rewarded any upgrades, i am not sure about the gold. S/He has the same problem with 'Sunbridge' as me. I will try to repeat the map and i will post some more information.

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I think the Endgame rewards are bad. I think I'll use a template for DEV-s

  • NAME: Endgame reward system doesn't work 
  • LOCATION: In Forge, engame screen
  • DESCRIPTION:  After a victory, no upgrade cards are visible, 0 XP, no new map unlocked and no new difficulty unlocked, just the chest claimed golds are visible. Looks like a lose. 
  • SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: I hope somebody makes a screenshot of ingame, but I'll try to make it
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This issue was never before the new fix, maybe it's affected






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LOCATION: Leaving match / match reward screen

REPRODUCIBILITY: 7-8 times, in a row, over 3 days

DESCRIPTION: When i succesfully done a pve or rpve map, i disconnect in the loading screen back to the forge, this was not a big problem 1 week ago you just relogged and had your gold and exp saved. Now i dont get the gold and exp anymore. But i do get the daily quest rewards. 

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