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Multi-Accounting and how does it work?


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So here is why I wish to know more, at the moment a friend of mine is also playing this game however on my PC because his PC is not that great at handling this game. Am I in a position of possibly getting my account banned?, Like how do you guys keep track of multi accounting and how do you know when to ban?

I love the game and just wish to know, already lost it the game once for years :P wouldnt want to lose it again.

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They are not going to tell you how they keep track of multi accounting; because, if people knew how they kept track of it it'd be easier for people to circumvent the system.  Best thing to to is to notify the dev's of your situation and to avoid strange trading (like trading rares/ultra rares for 1 BFP etc.) with your friend as that may be considered suspicious activity between 2 accounts that use the same IP.

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My best guess is that you are going to have to use a VPN and create a bot that rotates the cards over multiple accounts dropping the price paid (or value of cards traded) in favor of a single account with each trade. You should also rotate the accounts used for such an operation (the trades) so it can't be tracked which accounts are real ones and which ones are fake (that means rotate them out and never use them again because that might be suspicious). That would probably be the best way to circumvent their system as they would not be able to prove you are doing so.

Then again, if they see your fast growth (quickly getting rare cards, as I can imagine they have a "card-value" attribute implemented and can just log the "net-worth" of an account) they might ban you anyway since they have no obligation to allow you access to their service.

Finally, don't be a twat and just play the game fairly like everyone else. Bye.

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