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How many People can play this game?

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Well the game has never kicked me out, I could even play pvp, I won 1 and lost 1, everything nice, but I cant create games, it just freezes everytime, Just finished the first scenario and that's it, but It's nice xD

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You must be literally the only 1 then, cause i reckon 99% of the rest of us, are experiencing the "hanging" loading screens/log ins, disconnects, freezes during matchmaking/creating games, which is fine, and all part of the "Stress test" - but the fact the game has "Never" kicked you out, and you have played the pvp etc....is well.....yea.

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Right now we peaking to 400 concurrent players each day. Highest peaks was about month after the stress test start when we was reaching 800 concurrent players.

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