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RPvE Starter Decks

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How does your preferd decks look at the Start. Share Your Deck prefered or selected under some rules, since its ment for starter decks, use mostly Common & Uncommon Cards with max 2 Rare Cards.

Here my choise made out of only Common Cards:


Rifle Cultist & Silverwind Lancer are mostly in for the use of Offering to reset Charges since cards dont hold that many Charges at the start.


what are your decks in considering of the rules to create decks at start with Common, Uncommon and max 2 Rare Cards?


This may help new Players at the start to create some stable decks to beat RPvE and maybe some PvE maps.


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Just double quote me on this:

On 13.1.2016 at 5:14 PM, Treim said:

Maybe i just post the deck i used( as far as i remember + rest assumptions of what i shouldve used):


Most of that should be rather selfexplaining. If you need some extra power for t2 i found Stone of Torment a good addition. Most of that is kinda necassery even though you could be fine without the decomposer and fof and unholy hero. Not necassery but highly recommended is Healing Gardens and Ray of Light. In combination those can give you super nice healing power.

Your charge prioratization are mostly the spells. I'd recommend putting at least 2 extra charges into Regrowth and 1 in each Equilibrium. Having 1 or 2 extra charges in Ray of Light is optional but i highly recommend it. You should have 1 extra charge in either one of the t3 units( i personally prefer Magma Hurler) and at least 2 extra charges in Giant Wyrm. Also at least 1 extra Charge in Offering and Rifle Cutltists is recommended. The Rest is rather 'nice-to-have' and you should be totally fine without any extra charges. That results in:


  • Windweavers
  • Werebeasts
  • Nightcrawler
  • Swamp Drake
  • Decomposer
  • Furnace of Flesh
  • Breeding Grounds
  • Healing Gardens
  • Shrine of War
  • Unholy Hero
  • Surge of Light
  • Curse of Oink


  • Magma Hurler
  • Rifle Cultists
  • Offering
  • Ray of Light
  • Equilibrium


  • Giant Wyrm
  • Regrowth


  • /

That would result in a total deck lvl of: 18 as a minimum to beat lvl 9 in a decent time. Pretty sure you can do it with less but it will increase the necassery time massively, as you will run out of charges quite constantly. I am not exactly sure what you will need for lvl 10, but depending on the map you might need a quite higher deck lvl. This deck will struggle against Stonekin maps at lvl 10 quite hard as it has hard times against Constructs and Tortuguns as well as against any kind of Bosses that you might face at t4. So for worst case scenario( Stonekin map and Boss at t4) i would recommend not even trying the map with this deck if you are not having massively improved your t2 and t3 regarding charges. I'd say you'd need at least deck around or it will soak up way to much time to make it worth. Any Bandit map should be possible with probably deck lvl around 30. This is based around assumptions though (so dont blame me if i am wrong :P).

Why am i getting this much off-topic nowadays :o? Trying to avoid it in future :P.

On 20.1.2016 at 11:49 PM, Treim said:

I will try to keep it as short as possible without leaving to much :). I won't mention obvious things like build a Breeding Grounds or the likes unless it is very important when to build them!

So generally at lvl 9 in solo rPVE you will face about 6-7 units at t2 and sometimes a tower, there will not be a spawn building which helps a lot. If there are 6 units you should get away with 5 Windweavers and 1, maybe 2 heals. If theres 7 units and/or a tower I'd advice you to build 2 Werebeasts and 4-5 Windweavers. Shouldn't be much of an issue tbh. You can kill your Werebeasts now to get wells up and your t2.

T3 can differ a lot so i won't go indepth that much, just general advices. You should generally get away with 3-5 Nightcrawlers oink and some heals + your Windweavers. With your Nightcrawlers you need to aim for the Spawn building youu'll face. Oink enemy units while that and let Windweavers focus down air units or if theres no air aim for towers. After that is just clean-up. If you are facing a close base at t2 save some power ( very situational but araound 400 should be fine). Rush T2 and defend with your t1 army. Keep them long enough alive with heals to get t2 and Oink. Build some Stone of Torment for defense( you gotta need to add it). Spawn about 3 Nightcrawlers run to the Spawnbuilding cc whatever possible and frenzy them to kill it. Clean-up after that. Note that this is just a general advise how to approach that situation, you might need to look out for your own solutions though.. be creative :) . Build Decomposer + FoF in front of your t3 monument and kill all the units you left and that are not necassery to defend. Build up t3 afterwards. Get SoW asap as you will probably only have  1 charge of it and you will need 2 definetly to keep the active up all the time! Thats the only reason why this deck works in T4.

Between T3 and T4 is another base in similar strength of T3. Wait to clear it until your SoW active is ready. I'd advice 2 Swampys and 2 Magma Hurlers for that base. For T4 you might need 3-4 Magma Hurlers though. if there is a boss at t4 you probably want Healing Gardens already. If not, build it after you got your t4 wells. Prioritze Surge of Light as your Main Heal at this stage of the game as you will need any charge of the higher tier heals you can get later on. When t4 is cleared wait with building the orb. Get back to your decomposer + FoF and kill all your units ( Get a new Breeding Grounds at your t4 as you will get attacked their as soon as you start building the orb). Note that if you used any t3 heals offer one of your t3 units instead of decomposing to get back the charge.

T4 is where it becomes tricky. It really depends how many units you need. For the first stage of t4 camps you might get away with 4-5 Giant Wyrms. Always clear those first! For 2nd tier of t4 bases you will need at least 8( if you managed to keep your heals up properly). Whenever your offering comes off-cooldown you want to use it. If you run out of charges you should use it on your t3 units to get back 2 heals, unless you got enough energy to get a new Giant Wyrm. Keep up your Healing Gardens and SoW all the time. You are not allowed to have huge downtimes of that. Try to get enemis splitting their focus on your Giant Wyrms to get Maximum Heals as often as possible. Do not heal instantly but be calm and only heal when a Wyrm is either about to die or you get maximum effectiveness of your heals. Be VERY careful/patient about them! Try to focus down some bigger units first but kill the Spawn Building before they respawn! That will minimize taken damage. Always try to focus big units with all your Giant Wyrms cause of same reason. You gotta need to improvise for your t4 defense. You can probably defend early waves with 2-3 Stone of Torment, might not work if you enter 2nd tier of t4 bases though. Always keep a Rifle cultist one base behind the one you are fighting. You gotta need to position it that way that it does not attack or get attacked by incomes that are aiming for your t4 base. That Rifle Cultist is your ground presence where you gonna spawn more Giant Wyrms after you started clearing first few t4 bases.

You gotta need to keep in mind multiple things. You have very little room for mistakes as otherwise you will run out of heals rather quickly:

  1. Reactivate Healing Gardens and SoW every 30 seconds( you need 2 each)
  2. Keep on Offering Units to get Heal Charges back( i think cooldown is 20 seconds unless you run out of charges which will happen sooner or later)
  3. Keep your Rifle Cultists 1 base behind the one you are fighting in and keep them in a safe spot
  4. Focus Fire of your Giant Wyrms and keep them alive
  5. have an eye at your t4 in case a to strong income hits it

Hope i didn't missed anything important and this helps you. For any further questions feel free to ask me.

You can do 1 player rPVE maps at level 10 with 0 charges with this deck :) 

Generally i'd recommend using units like grinder that have high survivability and definetly playing a nature splash for regrowth and heals in general. If you can get your hand on promo grinder early on you are a lucky man :)

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