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Right lets play a little game, thought about this a while ago but only boredom and time could actually make me write this so here it goes.

All you have to do in this game is use our imagination and think of a power, anything and everything however here is the catch; People will need to reply to your post and give you a limit for your power for example If you say ''I want to have the power of telepathy'' a limit for it can be You can never turn it off etc.

As for my power I would like to possess the power of Spacial Render, controlling space itself gives me abilities with magnetic and quantum poles 

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10 minutes ago, anonyme0273 said:

Sound a bit like 

Either way - your control is limited only when there is noone around, you can never prove your powers or use them directly to do any good/bad.

I would like to stop time and then "turn it" back on anytime.

I guess your limits could be that you can only stop it in a certain radius or after a certain amount of time you get serious fatigue from using it.

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