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Training Expert maps with Teststrike

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Afraid of joining Expert lobbies because you have never played them before?
Want to try a new deck but don't know how it'll work out?
Would you like to train maps without the pressure of potentially failing your teammates?
Really want to see for yourself if a certain card is worth the purchase and performs well?

The Testserver got you covered! Introducing:


This unit is exclusive to the Testserver and as you can see has insanely high stats. Not only that, it costs no power and can be played on T1 with any color. Additionally, it can be spawned anywhere on the map, regardless of ground presence.

This means that using Teststrike, you can more or less remove certain parts of maps and only focus on training the ones you want to. Build your deck as you would normally but swap out one card for Teststrike.

Want to train defending on position 1 or 2 of Guns of Lyr but are unsure which cards can hold for long enough and how quickly you have to progress? Spam a couple of Teststrikes around the fortress and they will kill anything that comes close. So you can focus on your own game.

Unsure how to approach the difficult camps on Nightmare Shard? Lock one side of the shard down with Teststrike so you don't have to worry about fending off witches from that direction. Now you can experiment on how to free your T2.

No idea how to either be quick enough or defend against the attack waves on Blight? Teststrike can nuke the other camps so you can put your own strategy to the test.

Can you save the civilians in time on Titans or clear a path for Rogan before Jorne stomps him? Just let Teststrike do the tasks in the other sections of the map and get your position down.


The only thing to keep in mind is that, as you start a map solo, certain wells and monuments that would be dedicated to other players on that map won't spawn. Maps that unfortunately cannot be trained solo are: Empire, Ascension, Passage to Darkness.

So when you find yourself really struggling with a map, want to try a new deck or just get a closer look at certain aspects you can log onto the Testserver and give everything a go in a pressure free environment. Everything will get a lot less scary once you have a couple of reps under your belt and can confidently join an Expert lobby on Live, knowing that you can handle your position.

You will learn a lot!

How to access the Testserver

Open your install directory of Skylords Reborn where SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe is located. Now, instead launch the game with LauncherTest.exe and you will connect to the Testserver. You will have to make a new account specifically for this server.

This is a separate account and doesn't interact with your regular Live-server account. As such, progression with Achievements or anything won't carry over to the Live server. Speaking of which, on the Testserver you get 100m gold and BFP as well as all cards fully upgraded (may need to relog once to receive everything). Every now and then you might even catch a glimpse of a yet-to-be-released card!


Happy testing!

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