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Slow and Slower


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i compaired several slow units of all elements with each other and noticed both Battleship and Construct being considerably slower than other slow units such as Thunder Wagon or Spore Launcher. While this may be a feature that can be circumvented on Battleship with "Full speed ahead" bringing it up to normal speed (whoever had that idea, absolute geniuous!) Construct is at a huge disadvantage.

Since many other XL units got additional abilities, reworks, slow even removed (Magma Fiend), i believe there should be a solution for Construct as well.

Adding "Full speed Ahead" to Construct as a feature that only frost has might allready do the trick, as in mixed decks one would be encouraged to play with cards that grant ice shields as a balance.


As it stands now Construct has been never used in any Maps i played ever which is a shame. I understand Ironclad has completely taken over the role of ranged Frost XL, but still, the treatment of Construct is quite unreasonable.

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The main problem is that construct already comes  with a lot of strong abilities - long range, siege and XL-knockback. So other than flying units and bosses nothing can stop it. Every ground unit gets knocked around, buildings get destroyed from far away - the only attribute stopping it from being superior to every other T4 unit is the fact that it's slow. Removing it (even conditionally like battleship) will probably leave it as too strong.

There are also ways to make it more mobile wich are sometimes used to play constructs in rPVEs:

- use deepcoilworm (as a mobile tunnel) and burying ritual to teleport the constructs

- netherwarp (using incredible Mo's yellow ability circumvents port immunity after a port)

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