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Skylords Reborn TV Table


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Great Greetings People of the Sky 🙂

i need to fix my TV Table and decided, when i spend time to paint it -> then make something cool.

And so here it is the SLR TV Table:

Sequenz 01.Standbild008.jpg


You can fine the making of it on my YT Chanel under this link:


Or find the making as a slide show here:


1. Remove old paint
Sequenz 01.Standbild001.jpg

2. Grinding
Sequenz 01.Standbild002.jpg

3. Clearing
Sequenz 01.Standbild003.jpg

4. Paint with Wight
Sequenz 01.Standbild004.jpg

5. Masking
Sequenz 01.Standbild005.jpg

6. Paint with Black 
Sequenz 01.Standbild006.jpg

7. Remove mask
Sequenz 01.Standbild007.jpg

8. Done 
Sequenz 01.Standbild008.jpg


Maybe some of you got inspired and make something too 🙂

See you in the forge, fellow Skylords

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