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Umbabwe in rPvE


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Would be nice to get a response from a developer because i have talked to some people in game and they didnt notice a difference and while im not 100% sure about Umbabwe i remember about a year ago when i was using Emberstrikes alot i always had problems with Urzach because he killed my Emberstrikes with one shot even with Unity.

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Here is a replay of me fighting Urzach with Emberstrikes+Unity no additional spells used. About a year ago Urzach always killed multiple Emberstrikes with one shot thats why i added Abomination to my deck. In this replay Urzach managed to get my Emberstrikes down to very low health but when they are closely bunched together they take significantly less damage.


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I looked into your replay and the Urzach ability damage seemed to be in line with its intended value here. 

My guess would be that what you described is more related to unity (b). The affinity applies its damage reduction twice doubling effectiveness. Combined with the QoL buffs unity received over time (i.e. increased target cap), it might have caused the differences compared to your old experiences. 

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aoe damage on targets which share a hp pool has been fixed. basically aoe damage would be MUCH MUCH stronger on targets which had linked hp bars.

since this bug was fixed your units naturally are tankier now.

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