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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys, Now that the oped stress Test has released I was just wondering how long all of you were aware of the fact that someone is working on it. Have you been as Hyped since then as I am? When did you become a Skylord by creating an new Account on the Forum? As for me, I joinedJune 18, 2015 and I actually think I was one of the first Members on this Forum. Just curiouis ;D
  2. Leohausmaus

    Gifs for signature

    Hello community! Right now you can´t add gifs to your signature. What do you think of adding this feature? In my opinion this would be a small but nice feature. -Leo
  3. RainZy

    The 1 Word Forum Story Game

    Rules: 1 - You can only post 1 word 2 - Have to wait until 4 others have posted a word until you can repost 3 - You can use Dot (.) Comma (,) etc at the end of your word if you want. 4 - Keep it PG Aim: With an increasing number of posts a story is formed, your job is to continue the story with 1 word. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I shall start: - Today

    Login password keeps breaking

    Hello everybody, The website keeps login me out of my account. even though i let chrome save my password, sometimes i just need to login manualy. when i type in my password i get the message wrong password. i am absolutly sure i am using the right pasword but it doesnt work. So i reset my pasword to exactly the same one and it works for 1 or 2 days. then it breaks again. is this a known bugg or am i doing something wrong.
  5. Dawson

    [Forum Game] Rate the Movie!

    This forum game is simple! It is exactly like the "rate the song" forum game but instead with Movies! What you do is you say your favourite movie then the person under your comment rates it out of 10 then says their movie and so on.. To kick off the game my favourite movie is "The Maze Runner" (not the series, only the first movie )
  6. Phoenix313

    Broken Forum Buttons

    I think the Buttons are supposed to be visible, but they are hidden for me. I am using an actual 64bit FireFox with enabled scripts.
  7. Nick

    Tainted Words [Forum Game]

    Rules: This is a game where someone comments a word and the next person has to use that word in an insult. The insult doesn't have to be for the person above. The word has to be used in a sentence or it can just be referenced. Example(Ik its a bad one): "Fish" "Your as dumb as a fish" "My word is XXX" I'll start with... fish
  8. SilenceKiller99

    Forum is loading slower than normal

    Hi everyone! (This topic should be in support, but there is no support place on the forum yet, so it's in general now.) For the last few days I have noticed that the forum gets slower and slower with loading pages. I hope you do not encounter this problem, because it is annoying as hell. It started with just slightly slower than usual, but now, loading a single page (even just the homepage of the forum) takes up to 10 seconds or longer... I am using a google Chrome browser (version 53.0.2785.116 m) and it is telling me it is updated to the latest version. I do not encounter this slow loading problem at any other sites. Also, if I watch my system (processor, memory, disk or network) nothing seems to be wrong. Maybe someone recognizes this problem and/or knows a solution. I included a poll to see if more people encounter this problem. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi there How can I earn on the forum a rank? Thanks for the advise. Best regards BanGo
  10. Sylo

    Card links in forum

    Hey guys, Are cards linkable in the forums? if not, could we get a link command in the forum such that highlighting over [card]Forest's Vim[/card] would show Forest's Vim picture? This is similar to what's been implemented in other card game forums. Thanks.
  11. Dallarian

    Translate of Game/Forum

    What about translate game and/or make different languanges forum of popular languanges? I mean there most often like in "Where are you from?" topics, like German, Nederland, Poland, Portugal, France, Czech Republic. Forum: With your languange tutorials, forums when you can ask about something in your own languange cause you bad know english or cant learn it. I think it will be cool idea. Game: Letters (with voice too much work) for campaign (for lore) also for ppl that dont know good english, like me, or that who not learned it. What you think about this idea? #Sorry for my English :/

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