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  1. "at least a month."

    I don't want to be "that" guy but . :'(


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    2. Secvndvs


      I don't forgive multimillion dollar companies. I don't even play their games. I even laugh at people that buy their games, lmao.

      BF3 was my first and last attempt to the maistream triple A games. They are all pure scam.

    3. anonyme0273


      Fair enough, it makes sense - there are developers who took it as a responsibility in exchange for money for their work. It is probably a full time job for most people in these cases, but that's different here. It's not as easy as many think, it can't be done in an evening or two and many unexpected problems may occur anywhere on the way. Add the fact that noone is getting paid for this so everyone has to sustain themselves by other means, whether it's a different full time job, school, or just other life priorities (like health), it logically comes first. I sincerely hope and believe that there is no dispute about that.

    4. Secvndvs


      There is no dispute about that. And i hope to see this project succed so i can donate my part. I would like to give more than money but sadly my knowledge resumes to circuits and basic Java (and script) and C+.

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