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  1. Okay well... I rarely make status updates or topics but... There is one! so.. this is suposed to have something interesing on it.... Let's see...NYAN CHAT CHALLENGE ! Step 1 .- Enter the video

    Step 2.- Change the resolution to 4K Ultra hd.. yes.. 4k.

    Step 3.- Watch the entire video using 4K resolution.

    Step 4.- Try to survive the entire video... 

    Step 5.- You don't need to watch all the video... 

    Step 6 .- Are you still reading this?

    Paso 7.- Google traductor ayuda.

    Step 8.- Just have fun watching the video xD



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    2. Lukaznid


      Nyan cat is one of those trends that should have died a long time ago but is somehow still around for some reason xD3

      Also apart from absolute nyan-ess what do I gain from watching this in 4K (my screen isn't good enough for 4k anyway)

    3. sylvix95


      Well that's a new kind of torture.

    4. Eternal


      You gain a mental upgrade ! :D

      If you can survive 5 or more minutes watching it...                                            ----------MyActualRecordBtw:--21:58Mins-----

      And you can watch it on the resolution you want...

      NYAN CHAT CHALLENGE: The Mental Upgrade 

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