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  1. KoboldK

    The legendary forum game "count"

    Here we go, +1 1825 People!
  2. KoboldK

    The legendary forum game "count"

    Finally found the fking End after days of searching! !-1775-!
  3. KoboldK

    Opening Tournament

    You're right just one more good point for it
  4. KoboldK

    Opening Tournament

    @Ultrakool Was mentioned to give 1-2 boosters for the tournament - isn't that offtopic right?
  5. May it should be added an option which helps non english speaking people, not an own language bord for every language of course. But a Thread where needy people can see who people they can send a message to get a "translation or/and conclusion" of the things they want to know. Actually I would be able to translate for every German with an english problem. (As example)
  6. KoboldK

    Opening Tournament

    Probably it would the best for BFR auction house if u get starter cards and 1/2 boosters for free, so u can already buy and sell some or trade them. I would also like it to get a more personal binding to my deck before I start gaming with it
  7. KoboldK

    Where are you from?

    Germany, but I don't care about nations

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