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  1. wait what do you mean, earning boosters too fast? I got 2 boosters from start and then 1 from daily quest. How did you earn the rest?
  2. I just checked and when I'm trying to extract it says "can only extract a part of the file because it contains invalid or missing files"
  3. Yeah I did, and then I click the skylordsrebornupdater file and I get the error. Idk I'll just try redownloading it another time I guess..
  4. Yeah that's what I did, I put the updater files inside the 4.9gb folder. I did download it again, I got the folder from a few months ago and the new folder, tried both but none works.
  5. "please place all files from the archive into your Battleforge folder" I did this, nothing happened. Anyone that can help with this? I just put all the files from the updater into the big folder, right?
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