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  1. Cool seeing a big bandit dragon. The artwork itself is very nice, but the dragon could certainly be moved a little closer to the center. Furthermore, I'd also suggest a "stronger" title to accompany Wasteland. Wing sounds more like a small bird akin to Manawing to me, while Terror and Scourge truly bring out that fearsomeness of an XL Dragon unit. Terror especially. Additional ideas, all of course following the naming convention of "Wasteland...": - Tyrant - Menace - Drake (sounds boring I know) - - "add sky as a third noun in the middle, I.e. Sky Terror"
  2. NAME: Grinder and Lost Warlord only use one attack animation DESCRIPTION: This has been an issue since the old days, actually. Grinder and Lost Warlord only ever use the wide swing attack animation against anything that is above L in size and not flying; buildings and walls. It's particularly jarring since Avatar of Frost and Overlord do cycle through them all, as does Brannoc, who was released significantly later in Battleforge's life cycle than Grinder and Lost WL. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always happens against the following entities: L-Units, XL-Units, Buildings, Walls SCREENSHOT: I can hardly upload a video showcasing this issue but it's easy to replicate. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Issue has been around since the old days.
  3. Much appreciated! Haven't seen that thread yet.
  4. Haven't been too in-touch with your progress yet but reading about your rarity adjustments just hypend me up. How are we earning BP in Skylords Reborn by the way?
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