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  1. I highly recommend you make an exception for PvP games since they last less than 10 minutes. Especially 1v1 rank. 5 minutes is more appropriate.
  2. I just had a crash when I completed the Oracle Campaign scenario on Advance. It happened after the scenario was completed successfully when I clicked on the continue button. No error was produced but crash data dump was created. It simply crashed to desktop. I did however get credit towards two of my quests. Logs are attached. _launcher_log_2020.04.26_1016.log log.txt crashdata.mdmp
  3. The forth possibility is that someone hacked his account and stole his cards. That happened to me in the Battleforge days. My password was too easy to crack and someone managed to do it.
  4. The Game Crashed when trying to create a 2 player Campaign. The last file is a screen shot of the error. This crash is derived from another problem. First, I played 2v2 unranked. After the game I tried to host a new 2v2 PvP but couldn't. That's because my icon on the right was in white color. Apparently, I wasn't released from the group I belonged to despite the fact that everybody else left the group. This happens often and that is the initial issue. So in a situation like that you cannot start a new pvp game. However, some time a ago I found a way to solve it by starting a new 2 player campaign. At that point my icon goes green. I can then exit and start a new pvp game. except this time it didn't work. When I tried to create a 2 player campaign the game crashed. _launcher_log_2020.04.26_1008.log crashdata.mdmp log.txt Battleforge Crash - 2020-04-26_122327.bmp
  5. It happens once every week or two. I believe I played 2 Ranked PvP games just before that where they were both shorter than 10 minutes which didn't qualify for the quest. Maybe that is related to the problem. If the logs are not enough to identify the problem, then I suggest improving the log process. I am a computer programmer myself (retired), and therefore I know very well that good debugging tools are crucial for bug fixing. Otherwise, you will never find this and other related problems, and this game will never leave the Beta stage.
  6. I won the campaign (encounter with twilight) on advance, and got my gold conversion reward. This has happen to me before. People simply not reporting these issues, but do happen occasionally.
  7. I had a quest - "play any type of match" where I had already 2 out of 3 completed. I then played a 24 Minute Campaign game which didn't Count towards the Quest. This is a common issue that happens often. Please give it high priority. Game logs are attached. _launcher_log_2020.04.24_996.log log.txt
  8. I understand what you are trying to achieve and that makes sense, you want to reward casual players who don't play every day who play longer on days they do play. However, under the new system players who play every day earn less than they earned before. Even with the 100 BFP discount, every day players will effectively earn 500 BFP compared to 600 BFP as of today. I don't know how achievements are going to work and how often they reward, so I cannot calculate their benefit. My suggestion is - allow players to re-roll their 60 minute/250 BFP quest to a booster since daily players are still 100 BFP short. A simpler option - allow players to buy one Booster for 250 BFP (200 discount) per day after they completed their 60 minutes daily game time. This way both groups of players benefit from the new changes. Edit: Another idea to make it more fun and exciting (assuming it is not too hard to code): Add a new feature where players have 10% chance to win a free booster when they buy a booster.
  9. That plan may be a good deal for players who play once every 3 days, but a bad deal for players such as myself who play every day. Are we trying to encourage players to play once in every 3 days instead of every day? That is what the end result is going to be..... Players who want more reward, can still continue to play to earn 150 BFP for the two additional quests we currently have. So some days I earn a booster (worth 450 BFP) plus 150 BFP for 2 quests (600 BFP). I usually play an hour or more to achieve that. With the new plan you are reducing my daily reward to 400 BFP (33% reduction). If you want to give players who don't play every day more reward then that's fine. But don't reduce the reward for players who play every day, where is the sense in that? I understand that some players prefer BFP over a booster. That's fine, then add an option to "re-roll" the booster reward to BFP. Either that, or reduce the booster cost to 250 BFP so I can use my 250 BFP reward to buy a booster. Your discounted booster for 350 BFP is still a bad deal for players who prefer a booster over BFP. Edit: I just went Online and saw a message from a player who was trying to sell a booster for 420 BFP. I offered him 250, and his response was - "funny". I believe that the vast majority of players open their boosters. IMO, eliminating the booster reward will make many players upset.
  10. That is very bad IMO. Earning a booster is the most fun element of the reward system. You are basically replacing 30 minute quest that earns a free booster (worth 450 BFP) with 250 BFP reward for 60 minutes of game play. You are making it harder to earn BFP/Boosters, so where is the fun in that? If a player doesn't want his earned booster, then he can sell/trade it at a discount (400+ BFP). I see players offering their boosters all the time. At the very least, booster cost should be lowered to 200 BFP.
  11. Is the 30 minute quest for a booster going away?
  12. Thank you for your answers. Good luck to you with your hard work.
  13. Interesting. What about the cards themselves? are they defined in the server where you have the ability to change them as well as making new cards using existing skins? Did EA refuse to give you the game code? IMO, priority should be given to resolving existing issues vs new features such as 6P PvE. Game freezes is common where it happens daily while dealing with the AH, upgrading cards, and navigating through the menus. That must be a server issues where you have 100% control. I reported these issues couple a months ago along with all the game logs and I believe they haven't been resolved yet. Perhaps you can improve the log reports so they can give you more information about the root causes. There is also a common issue where Unranked 2v2 PvP doesn't give gold when a player quits the game when defeat is obvious. Then there is the "play any type of game" quest that doesn't take to consideration games shorter than 10 minutes. That should be easy to fix. PvP games are usually shorter than 10 minutes so they usually don't count towards that quest. These are the main issues I have encountered.
  14. You cannot change the code if you don't have the code.
  15. How did the developers managed to make changes to the game (such as daily quest) when they don't have the code for the game?
  16. Right now the "Play any game type" quest requires 10 minute of game time to qualify, so my 5 minute proposal is an improvement. Most 1v1 PvP games are over in less than 10 minutes and they do not qualify for current quest. IMO, that should be fixed for PvP games by lowering the requirement to 4 or 5 minutes. It's true we have a large skill gap in PvP, but that is mainly because very few players play PvP. If we introduce a quest with a booster reward for PvP, then that will encourage many more players to play PvP and the skill gap will go down. I don't see a "reset" (wipe) happening any time soon with all the current issues we are having.
  17. I don't think that is possible. Without additional power wells and at least another monument players won't last 3 minutes. You are welcome to experiment with that.
  18. True, but that is already the case in certain hours because there is no one looking for PvP rank games. Very often I am waiting for a PvP opponent for 10 minutes or more and there is no one to play against. In any case, that is why I believe the other option is better (giving Booster reward for PvP quests).
  19. It's true that players will try to play PvP just for the reward and quit as soon as they can. To counter that, you can set a minimum game play of 5 minute for 1v1, and 7 minutes for 2v2. Players won't last that long unless they actually play to win. Regarding quest balance, you can increase the number of PvP games required to satisfy the quest to 6 or 7 (for a booster reward). The other option (which is probably harder) is NOT to allow players with low ELO to play against players with high ELO. Simply put a limit to the ELO range a player can play against. But at the same time there is a need to increase the reward to bring in more players to PvP. Personally, I think the first solution is better.
  20. That is NOT the reason players don't play PvP rank. They don't play it because a few expert players are controlling PvP right now and anyone who tries to play against them gets crashed within a few minute. In addition to that, the PvP game doesn't count for the "Play 4 games in any mode" because the quest counts only 10+ minute games. That needs changing too. That problem of no PvP players can be resolved by changing the "Play 4 PvP games" quest to give a booster reward instead of 75 BFP. Many players would then play PvP and expert players will not control it any more. It would also be nice if players can play PvP maps against the AI (computer stomp style) where the AI plays like a human player (building wells and monuments), but that requires a lot of programming work. Does anyone has the manual for scenario scripting from the Battleforge days? I used to have it but I lost it. I would like to take a look at it again. I don't see a reset (wipe) any time soon. There are still many unresolved issues left. Some which were reported months ago like game freezes all of a sudden when you trade or upgrade your cards (happens daily), or PvP games not giving gold rewards.
  21. In the "Achievements" tab we have an extra quest for completing a number of quests. At first we need to complete 10 quests to receive an extra booster. Then the next one requires more quests (not sure if the next one 50 or less). After that it is 100 quests, then 200, and then 400 after that. I don't understand why the number of quests has to be higher every time. Why not keeping it at 20 quests intervals (10, 20, 40, 80, 100, 120, and so on)? This way players can earn an extra booster once a week if they complete their 3 daily quests, every day for the entire week. I complete all quests almost every day for over 3 months, and it took me almost 2 months to earn an extra booster for the 200 quest. I think that is just too long. Players can earn a booster every day, so an extra booster once a week shouldn't be a big deal. There is no need to be stingy. You can make it even more special where players get 2 boosters instead of one every 100 quests, that is if you feel generous.
  22. It's true that Battleforge had similar system. However, it was easy to find Ranked PvP games with Battleforge and therefore easy to arrive to rank 10. However, with Skylords it is very hard to find PvP Ranked games during the evening hours (US time). I dropped from PvP level 10 to level 3 and now I have hard time going back to level 10 because I cannot find games on Ranked PvP. Therefore, this is a big issue.
  23. I am glad to hear that. Good luck with fixing the issue.
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