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  1. AFter i downloaded and installed the programm i started it. all thinks a re running fine but then after i gave my log in dates i get a critical error. need support
  2. fiki its fine, shit happens for me. I read that you would like to do a hard reset so i will wait for the reset. I dont like to collect all of my cards new and to get a reset again xD But if you hear of the same problems i think you need to check something. or like macabi said i could be hacked.
  3. Yeah Macabi this could be a possibility. But i the end i cant tell what happened^^
  4. crazy is my mate. we traded the whole time our cards for specific decks. Thats why i ask this question if something specific like this already happened. From your answer i can see nobody had this ame specific problem. But thx for the support. i will wait for the hard reset now xD
  5. 1 Deck is a Tutorial Deck another deck is a new deck i created with cards i still have. But my 2 main decks blue and green are all lost and the cards wich i used. i still have the improvments from the green and blue cards but i dont have the cards anymore. i only posted 3 screens but i have a lot more. I had full upgraded weels , forest elder, frost mage and and and. but i dont have this cards anymore. thats why im confused now., i have some cards left but not my main cards anymore. but i still have the improvments
  6. hello Team, my problem is i lost all of my cards in this game but all of my improvments, my friendlist and the campain missions all still there. I played this game together with a friend for a long time but he still has all of his cards etc. My question is why have i lost all of my cards but my friend still has his cards? And can i get my Cards Back? MFg
  7. I mean cards like this? or i cant trade this type?
  8. When i try to open my first marketplace order i always get a error message for you have already opened to many auctions. But this is my first time i do this. already looked if i have something open but nothing is in there. What can i do to start finally a auction Ich habe das problem das ich eine Auktion im marktplatz erstellen will und ich dann ejdes mal die Fehlermeldung bekomme ich habe shcon zu viele auktionen am Laufen. Dies ist aber meine erste auktion die ich erstellen will und auch sonst habe ich nix am laufen. was kann ich tu
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