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  1. Dion

    nerf amii monument

    The rep= speedrunner/pvp not core pve that looks as a mechanical even heard one rep saying that casual has no important in saying , yet casual [aot of them] does have the mentallity to look at the game in a mechanical way. you already see one of the problem that is easy and common to understand i also seen the one i mention on the proposal .. yes of course card that affect any speedrun will try to later in a some sense if the alternation isnt hitting speedrun fast.. and example of this is ship, not only is easy for speed run bg 10 15minute but ofcourse its to easy for let say casual to use it in teh same way thus they [speedrun] want it in a way that is more skill used so they have the better reward of using it vs casual player, not once do they [except to the one who is not a speedrun that i have talked] seen it in a mechanical way why the card was invented for the lost soul deck... [speedrun=speedrun mentality] [casual=mechanical mentality] and we dont have true representative that cover it[I dont want to show screen shot but there are some rep that also agree that there arent any real PVE representative, and yes speedrun is pve side but they dont cover the whole mentality of the mechanic].. although iwould vote for your t4 option, im positive some vote can be manipulated by calling friend to attack such suggestion because it heavily affect speedrunner [imnot a speedrunner btw]
  2. Dion

    Balance proposal: Amii Monument

    like solo BH? speed run bH? or any type of speed run? like blight solo? what i see in amii is the power to be able to do some of these map easy. the one that i feel that wouldnt be possible to do is BH solo. Amii getting hit will be detrimental to alot of lower speed run. of course they will still be top in their respective rank but they will def wont be lower.. as for the T3, all deck and everygame= the same. reach t3 go t4 finish game. sometimes it does create huge problems , im not gonna list them all. some already mention in the discord when i use to go there.. https://ibb.co/PF3BYkB this is one for example.. let me have t4 so i can get my wyrm.. i literally just clear the monument for my own partner so that he can have t3 and t4 because i already know the other side is rushing it.. with that in mind, i try putting up a defense after i jsut got t3.. he finish game and that almost destroyed us. lucky the other dude reached t4 just in time to put some t4 unit [2] while i after my necroblaster got destroy wiht no soul cause the other dude couldnt wait, summon spam aggresorss.... amii in multiple map can cause problem depending onthe type of player that uses it.. again will not name them all So lets get to the point.... amii t3 allow you to get t4 and finish any type of game easy ishown this enough wheni made alot of videos.. so Lets get to the summaries amii=easy to t4 easy match amii can't be nerf by exclusive, even the owner didnt like this idea when i spoke to him on 8/25/2019 amii cant be taken out of the game cause both casual and speedrunner will flip. even though speedrunner can still have the best time ,their time wont be the lowest time they have now, Not included that some map strat can't be done without amii [bh solo expert].. Making it t4 with extreme low build and extreme extreme low active cost [can be abused but will general server as a 5 deck color] Amii cost increase must be related to the camp that you clear with t4 and the cost of getting t4.. I'm not saying 800, but the cost has to be something that either promote normal play or same play with the cost of activation and building... the last one is the only nerf i can possibly see coming, the other will cause problem in a whole general sense. That leaves us with how much increase would it be.. by the way im an advocate of taking amii off the game but i can atleast see what problem that would cause *edit* i forgot last option, leave it alone [not my cup of tea at all but that another option] Plus 1, i want to see how easy blight solo easy with amii t1 all 4 orb. lets go!!! you got my vote just for lols
  3. Dion

    Account Wipe

    I heard multiple will hide my source incase the person dev Was wrong, but would be nice to have a transition to open beta
  4. Dion

    Balance proposal: Amii Monument

    I had an argument when someone said that amii at t3= variety which i laugh my ass off. there is no variety when you can reach it the normal way. t4 would mean variety since it means that it would cause deck to add other type of card in a 5 color deck.. I understand that this is not good for speed runner though i been doing research ever since i left discord and i can see that amii is EXTREMELY require for many stragety for speed run. And as a speed runner yourself im sure this would be important. The only way now you can have amii ever nerf is through increase of cost, the one with achievement should probably be taken off https://ibb.co/H7PxwdZ I wanted it before the wipe or release so i can see how many player would be pushed to doing expert to see how much closer the gap, i asked for 4k bfp reward or so something high, because it's going to be wiped anyway and thuse the bfp wouldnt hurt anyone [wiped in either couple of wipe before release or after release].. However, they said reward should be post-release when other or alot of player coming back would enjoy it.. as kubik said himself a long time ago there is 14 player finish, that number should of probably increased to 16 by now or who knows how many have done it, i stopped doing reward cause many coudn't do soul tree defending hope or encounter twillight on expert and the reward was around 600-1000.... so either way, below paragraph However, in the end isn't not agree that it should be locked away behind a wall or exclusive.. That leaves you with a simple nerf to the number cost or making it t4 [the latter would probably piss off alot of speed runner who uses it as a specific strat for specific map [not all maps]]. And im also sure casual would be pissed as it's very much used for easy clearing with hardly any effort as for the speed run comment i made above a small example out of alot of videos out there Amii. I usually dont watch speedrun video but for underestanding why a card may or may not be nerf i have to understand their defensive stragety in their post[aka way to defend or way to nerf a card they want nerf]
  5. Dion

    Balance proposal: Amii Monument

    This is the idea i liked. i even asked for amii for t4 and make it extremely cheap dirt cheap, so that you now have 5 orb and multicolor new decks. I discuss this with someone who was bend out of chape in making it t4, said that the card t3 is what makes unique deck, but the game is already designed to reach t3 normally, so there isnt any variety to it. T4 would make deck more unique... As for the achievement for all expert. doubt it, i also finished all expert maps but xlink also agree that the amii being lock behind a wall is a bad idea. As the to discussion about darwarrior with the promo, xlink did said that he is all up for it. that was said before even dark mention the idea. I asked him if he would make reward all expert map long ago, I asked him when i heard about the expert 14 player achieved it. I wanted it before the wipe or release to see how many player would be pushed into doing so, even making reward for expert map myself.. xlink said he preffered post achievement reward not pre.. As for the reward it wasnt mention but that it would probably be worked on... However, once again, the idea of amii being lock behind wall was not liked.
  6. Dion

    What about Seasons?

    Anything that is season normally or like diablo etc im up for it i like special quest during the season, you have +1 on my vote
  7. Dion

    Rifle Cultist

    I agree with the change, i tihnk its fine nothing hurt from knock back and it's hardly use except in offering.
  8. Dion

    Help... How i can buy BFP?

    Kubik and ultra already answer your question however, if you have bfp already you can increase it by following the market an example of this is that i have gotten alot of ting of 50-100bfp for very low price and i resell them. I even one time got primewatcher. for 290 and the other for 477. some player sell this for 800-900 depending on the player [price might have dropped] majority of your bfp will come from daily and sellling your booster to another player for 410-420bfp through trades
  9. Who has the most GOLD, BATTLEFORGE POINT, XP PVE RANK. Would this be possible? If it is not to much trouble? This can be greatly use to collect variety of datas.. Example of the gold, if we find a player with let say 7mill gold, we may know how long he has been playing and what map he was using and what map are very efficiency vs rpve rank an example of this is, https://imgur.com/a/l0XEYVV sunbrdige, 2man, expert difficulty, switch mechanic, 18-20minute on a normal deck. speed run would be around 12-13minute i think? greater than rpve 9 and 10 4 man Math calculations= Good gold farm = Sunbridge + 18minute. Or simply put Sunbridge2man> Rpve9 & 10. Example of xp can be put the same but can be use in other variety of data, battleforge point shows us some specific data, as in who has been doing their daily constantly, who got lucky on cards maybe?, who works the market on bids to sell higher etc etc... aka economic of the game..
  10. Dion

    SPECIAL leader board suggestion

    I see, well if it is a trouble than no worries, we really dont need such feature ^,^
  11. depends you are playing a hybrid bloodhorn.. that means you have like you said a couple of color.. right now you have 3, fire/shadow/nature since you are not going pure and going hybrid. just use giant wyrm.. 650 damage up to 950, knock back small medium.. 650 would be the highest for a hybrid as youself.. and a great aoe to make chat better for ya contact me at your pm location.. mind you there is another one alittle weaker but the abilities are niftier than grim, that is skycatcher.. though 500+ and i think 780 around max aoe, it does have the nifty abilities depending on the affinity to cancel either melee or range around the area, saving your unit from being destroy from the specific of monsters. anyway check your pm ps ijustnotice you had S O W aka shrine of war, apologies , use the whole name XD
  12. Dion

    nerf amii monument

    According to someone of a staff, no all at the same time, one day concluded 1k player, and 1 week maybe 4k+, many player have left cause of the crash and such when it was introduce and we are not in the release, i myself stop promoting for player to come in and play vs play test the server, with all due respect... we are in the test server not the [insert word desire] playing server.. so the "A game that is in dire need of new players" jesus hearing this made me facepalm harder, i have spoke with those yellow name on discord.. guess what i said do we have some sort of advertising, but we dont need advertising, not with all these crashes which will send alot of people away because they think we are in a playing live vs testing, even worst when they get hit with the wipe... and yes there will be wipe. there are still thing we need before we can go live https://trello.com/b/4HFfIUCA/skylords-reborn and many are under the delusions that there is no wipe , which i corrected by showing them the open stress word and some of the word on discord... Balance card is one of them... the person above you made his valid point and you just made your valid point and here comes mine but i will use your words so keep it even starting with "With all due respect, but this is the biggest nonsense I've heard in a while." Your rpve cannot be done without amii? Jesus i have done 9 and 10 without amii or enlightenment in all 3 cases, 1, 2 , 4... When i didnt use amii i used lost horror.. and when i got amii, i took lost horror out...however, because everyone uses wheel and mo i didnt even need to go t2 i stick with t1s with my partner and without the wheel or mo we just go in t3 [i use 2 lost horror green aff and it's all good, when going in nature frost i just use 2 aggressor and 5 crystal fiend with my partner, whoever it may be]... If you would like see what will ever happen to amii there is a discord where representative are talking about it, it will be run through kubik and he will make the final decision [i think that how it will work].. enjoy your gaming *edit* 3:30pm 8/9/2019 KubikToday at 3:24 PM @ppak weekly we have ~4k players, daily ~1k players and peak under 200 players (most days)
  13. Dion

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Didn't read all the comment just posted and replied to the one who quoted me or mention me.. if you are proposing a solution i didnt read it yet, sorry, doing youtube/helping player in game/ real life stuff. just so many stuff to keep track ill read your later once i have enough time, i came for the quick reply XD
  14. Dion

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    exactly what i do i have a help discord etc, and any new friend i play with to skip these style of easy decks before i leave [to much work] it always will be. in albion online you have pvp vs pve vs gatherer.. etc etc here you have speed runner vs pve vs pvp .. nerf one and the others will nerdrage... ^,^
  15. Dion

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    I right now using amii if i get my hand on global effect ill use them unless they nerf it.. in battle forge years ago everyone had it because it was essencial and easy.. but as well there were those regenade to stop player from using it. specific designed deck that soon those player got banned for grieving... or griefing? whatever spelled. basically you would build these type of deck that help world wide effect to help everyone else. and these player would build the nexus portal with soul shatter i think it was? anything that has friendly unit blow up and they would blow up your amii or any global effect card you have... The majority hybrid for nexus portal though. great great damage ^,^... Since i think there might never be a balance for those card or obsolete i will use them myself.. i still wonder what would be the policy of what happen years ago in here... is grieving/griefing allow? XD?
  16. Dion

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    It's probably just me but, back when ammi monument wasn't around , i loved the challange of maps and the unity it brough from player using every means of their OWN deck to bring something powerfull to the table after amii,mo,wheel. it becomes who rushes to those deck first, bring it out and yells " I GOT YOU GUYS, ILL AFK NOW, enjoy the power of my global effect]..[3 wheels for 3 effect, we see here has only 2 effect] Those card are what ruin it for me, after that we all fought who gets to put those card down [beside wheel, which whoever puts it down wins]... I preffered the aspect of having fun and having a challange with a none global deck but that is just me. [after the game got stale and probably close to shut down, many player made those custome map and still rushed for those above cards].. it was just like playing a yugioh top deck or a magic gathering top deck, nothing else mattered. Thats my take on it.
  17. Dion

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Just came to say i voted

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