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  1. The game is afoot!


  2. GrimMrGosh

    media BF Reborn Animation

    Update: I'm having computer problems so I may not be able to produce anything on time for the Release. I don't know When this is going to be resolved but as soon as it is I will commence work on it again. Thanks for the Support!
  3. GrimMrGosh

    media BF Reborn Animation

    Thanks for the tip. I have gone over old BF gameplay Videos, and even some of the newer Dev Streams on Youtube. I just need References. I am drawing it out so knowing what the models Actually look like is Very helpful.
  4. GrimMrGosh

    media BF Reborn Animation

    Thanks for the help I will look into both of your Suggestions!
  5. GrimMrGosh

    media BF Reborn Animation

    Hello! I am a huge fan of the game an have recently gotten into digital media (Art wise). Its more of a "Retro-Cartoony" format for the time being so I am working on Expanding my Efforts. Being that I was a Big fan of the game when it was in the hands of EA. I would love nothing more then to assist with its return. I plan to make an (If not a Few) Animations! The only real obstacle is coming by things such as Audio clips, 3D model References, and (If the need arises) Guidance/Advice. Well this wont be simple. Having someone to assist in "Finding" or "Providing" me with these Resources will definitely make make a world of Difference. I am Not an Animator, But am merely Experimenting/Learning as I go. Hopefully I can get something out before the game opens to the Broader Community. Thanks for taking the time to Read this -Grim
  6. GrimMrGosh

    games What other games you play?

    Whatever I can get my mits on. The main big ones are CS:GO, Payday 2, CS-Source, Gmod, and CIV 5.
  7. GrimMrGosh

    First thing you wanna do

    Make a "Stone of Torment" Forest

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