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  1. Pretty cheap for a t3 card:0 but was an overall good card to start out with.
  2. I used to enjoy him mainly because of how cheap he is. and Also that he has a powerful impact on the game aswell. so i found him white usefull but i wouldnt go stonekin just for this card though (probably because i never really liked frost.)
  3. I don't like it i love it. I did not really notice the low health since My tank most of the time took the damage. Its attackpower was Also great. and i really enjoyed its speed aswell.
  4. Maybe spikeroot or any of the worms?
  5. I think i used it a few times in pvp and actually found it quite helpful. And you can´t go wrong with that ice shield:)
  6. I would love to see the likes of promo shadow worm,core dredge, fire worm, deepcoil worm and even spikeroot.
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