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  1. hello this is my first post (don't judge my post for  english  ^_^

    it's simple  just post what is your favorite card's and why ^_^ 

    for example:  Wheel_of_Gifts-0.thumb.jpg.b4fa94f0c7381

                           give nice damage boost for solo map's and it was really helpful  most of time's

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    2. veryhasted


      They are changing the way you upgrade cards, they are removing tokens and replacing it with gold. I don't know how the cards will work :P

    3. Shotty


      As far as I remember they actually make it so that wheel of gifts no longer stack. Meaning you can only gain the buff once.

    4. GESC


      @Shotty  really i have to play this game alot of time and i dont really remember very well but i remember i use both buff's

      @Shotty i remember they had 3 gifts's and i use 1 wheel per gift

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