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  1. School is boring.
    Guild Wars 2 is my current addiction.
    And I'm still here on the forum despite playing that game pretty much all the time when at home. Either I'm addicated to the Forum aswell, or there is smthg wrong with me :kappa:
    Oh yeah, I forgot, I´m watching Anime aswell. How do I manage to still have a social life?

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    2. shadowxxs77


      Always wanted to get a Mesmer level 80, never got past 30 tho, so I just went with Ranger, game kinda falls off after level 80 IMO, still by far best MMORPG of the few that I played.

    3. Shotty


      Idk what everyones problem with leveling a mesmer is (everyone on the reddit recomments to level a Mesmer using the boost for some reason)

    4. WaterMelonLord


      Probably addicted to the forum as we all are

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