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  1. School is boring.
    Guild Wars 2 is my current addiction.
    And I'm still here on the forum despite playing that game pretty much all the time when at home. Either I'm addicated to the Forum aswell, or there is smthg wrong with me :kappa:
    Oh yeah, I forgot, I´m watching Anime aswell. How do I manage to still have a social life?

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    2. anonyme0273


      Lemme know one evening, I might download it again and play with ya

    3. nightrein


      I think it's that Mesmer starts out really cool, but about 20-30 it drops off in the fun because all the really awesome skills are at the end of their skill trees, and it takes a lot more grinding on them to get to the cool stuff than it does for others. That's just my opinion though, and why I never finish leveling a mesmer xD

      At least they aren't as bad as the revanant x_x

    4. Shotty


      When I got bored of a skill set, I switched up my weapon setup and instantly had a new exciting skill set.

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