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  1. Great work guys, have been playing for some bit by now but to see that an awesome, abandoned game can be brought back to life by a bunch of hardcore fans in their sparetime is such a great success story. I've spread the word to some IT/Game etc news blogs in Germany inciting some coverage hopefully. You can thank me if the server collapses Looking forward to more nostalgia around Christmas. io
  2. I feel really dumb now. Checked again and of course it didn't attack land units but did so with air units (as it should) in PvE and forge. My bad, can be closed.
  3. NAME: Skyelf Templar doesn't attack after being upgraded SEVERITY: - LOCATION: Ingame (1 player PvE), only thing tested REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: I just recently upgraded my Skyelf Templar to Upgrade I. It used to attack enemies before but ever since the upgrade it doesn't and rather just floats idly until exed off. Special ability is not affected but still quite useless like this. So far, it's the only unit that showed this behavior after upgrade. SCREENSHOT: - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -
  4. Just came here to express my everlasting gratitude to you guys to bring back this marvelous piece of software. Been following BattleForge Reborn since the early days. You faced quite some uphill struggle with people accusing you non-stop that this is all an elaborate scam which I always found pretty low considering you planned it as a completely free relaunch coded in you spare time. Sadly, that's humanity these days. I got literal goosebumps being in the Forge after so long. Although I got kicked out of every mission so far by disconnect before finishing it, I assume that's just the Sund
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