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  1. The moment that you work your ass off in college to do all assignments leaving more time to play :bf:


    :mrxlink: Going to be so :hype: when the actual game comes out for everyone not just the beta

    1. Ladadoos


      Just the feeling of accomplishing something you've been wanting to accomplish. It's great! :) 


  2. First Post  :bf: :):bf::P

    Can wait for the game to be released. 

    I will be on there for a majority of the day, of course not when I'm in college.

    lots of things that I forgot about the game, so if people could say whether or not there were things like guilds which could be used in team battles.

    would anyone want to be in one with me.


    1. Ladadoos


      We all can't wait for this game to be released :)

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