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  1. Great rules! Also not sharing monuments is a very great rule too! I was for a ban for SoW too but well... emma said no for some reasons
  2. I can say that we've done a really great and timeintensive job on that one! Have fun with it!
  3. No, speedrun is speedrun. Speedrun can be 10 hours, speedrun can be 30 min and speedrun can be 5 min.
  4. Real speedrunners also have perseverance. Look at Dark Souls 3 speedrunners.
  5. Standard or expert it makes no difference. Well i dont know anymore what time it was but it was quite fast because we played some OP stuff.
  6. You guys havent seen yet DragonHuntUltraNew. The comm map by Emmaerzeh and me and the hardmode from DragonHunt. What a pitty that there isnt a ladder for comm maps. Its time to implement that. I can admit that we have done an incredible and time intensive job when creating the map.
  7. Its very simple for me and also for the majority of the pve community: Why should always one player be in the luxury to completely overgo t3 cards and enemy camps on the way to t4? The main pve community is for sure for an nerf since its not fair for the other players if their fun in their gameplay gets destroyed because of one player in the group clearing everything on the way to t4 with already t4 cards. Thats a massive intervention in the gameplay of other players since you have to go many ways to the t4 baseclusters together and the most of the normal pve players for sure
  8. I vote for another change where speedrunners and pvp'ers will be imo satisfied: Simply only decrease the HP -70 Fire vs Shadow will be more balanced due to the fact that the shadow player has more chance to kill dazed thugs in an open field fight since the problem in this matchup is always the open field fight for shadow. Additional to that on maps like for example Elyon its inevitable that you have to go for an open field fight because the middle is map control and this is essential.
  9. I know that Lost Spirit Ship spam is only used on BG speedruns. Over 600 games in 2v2 doesnt say anything. The amount of games you played doesnt say anything. We can organize some 2v2 matches if you want but make sure you have a good mate for you because you would need it big time against tops3cret and me. In fact i was #1 in 2v2 for a longer time in the original bf. Also 1v1 isnt the same as 2v2. So your pvp rank is still: 0. So that shows once again that you have no idea about pvp. But lets go lets play some 2v2. Show me your imba 2v2 skills after your 600 games and your
  10. Didnt u read my argumentation before Wanky? Yes i was an active speedrunner back in the days but again: It does not make any sense to balance speedrunning because you can live with an slower time because you have the same chances. You are ONLY slower after for example an phasetowernerf. Thats all. Meanwhile Nature t1 only profit in pvp from that nerf so after that nerf and a few tweaks of nature t1 we hopefully can see more nature players. Its only one example of many.
  11. No argumentation? No words Why am i even giving you my attention.You are absolutely wrong in an balancing discussion. You're pvp rank is: 0. You can balance your t4 as for example your OP lost spirit ship though in an extra Threadh. I agree to that.
  12. Best and fastest balance would be only if only the active top 15 in pvp can attend to discussion and votings.
  13. Repeating the same again and again. So again: EA never had the intention to balance stuff for speedrun. Never ever. The balancing focuse was always on pvp. So in consequence this line must be continued as common practice. 2.) When pvp will get active after the reset we will outnumber the low amount of speedrunners. 7.) I really absolutely dont see the point why you should be part of an voting about a pvp card, when you have exactly 0 idea about pvp. Now i have idea about speedrunning and i can repeat again: balancing doesnt make any sense in speedrunnings. 8.) So which map is
  14. Well pvp is pretty dead for now for some reasons, yes. But this would change drastically after the reset.
  15. @wanky Kubik is very neutral. A few things to make clear: - Phasetower and Mortar must be nerfed for pvp. We cant take the 5-10 speedrunners of this game into balancing just because they dont want to finish a map a few seconds or minutes slower than before. After the nerf it still would be useable for all of you rare speedrunners out there. Trust me. - Nether warp green is clearly a glitch. There is no single intention in the cardtext to be like that. - Original Battleforge balancing focuse was everytime mainly on pvp and this common practice must be continued. - We c
  16. Still you can do it with the same tactics. You have same chances, same tactics, same decks, same combinations. Its always the same scheme. Nothing to loose. Its really always the same. In pvp its not the same. Different matchups, some mainstreamdecks force to make decks like for example bandits, frost t1, nature t1, not really playable. If you nerf the hp by thugs -70 pvp only will profit in getting more balanced matchups while speedrunners have still the same chance, the same decks, the same tactics and so on. I clearly can say speedrunners dont loose anything while pvp
  17. This pvp only balancing isnt a realistic solution since it would take a lot of programming work. In the original bf there were balancing changes and in this bf there will be. Also you brought exactly 0 arguements what makes speedrun worse. As i said i was a very competitive speedrunner back in the days and i can tell you that speedrunners only profit from balancing changes. Why so? Speedrunning is always about keeping secrets. If you cant solve the riddle and find its solution you most of the time never will be as good as others. One phasetowernerf for example does
  18. This is absolutely nonsense. As a experienced speedrunner, normal pve and rpve player and top 10 pvp player in 1v1 and top 5 in 2v2 i can say its fact that every possible and very needed change for pvp as for example: Mortarnerf, phasetowernerf, netherwarp (green) glitchfix, thugsnerf, cursed well, Altar of Nihil, voidstorm and so on, does absolutely NOT affect any of the speedrun tactics. Every speedrun tactic on every map is absolutely still doable with any cardchanges for pvp. The PvP scene needs some big balancing changes. The speedrun scene needs exactly 0 balancing changes.
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