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  1. Signed in just to say.. the cat is cute 🙂 Also, thanks SR team, you guys are awesome!
  2. Signed in to say thanks 🙂 Awesome you guys!! See you in game - Hands
  3. Ravenhearts' Summoned Units doesn't benefit from Wheels regeneration.
  4. I tried the VPN approach and it's still the same. However, I tried an unusual solution and it never happened again (Coincidence? Ill test again if I have time). I have 2 NIC cards - 1 Intel and 1 Realtek - I tried disabling my primary which is Intel (primary because the metric is set to 0, thus always a priority), and no more disconnects. I can re-verify be enabling Intel again as my primary NIC to see if I will get DCed again - will do this after work and will provide feedback.
  5. Thanks! Let me try your recommendation and I'll report back if there are improvements (or still the same).
  6. I stopped playing because of the constant disconnection - I'll try again in 2 or 3 months. Not an issue with my internet provider (we have a very stable connection here in Singapore).
  7. Using VPN? No. I stopped playing for now (this and for some other personal reasons) - but will definitely be back. Thanks!!
  8. It is really unplayable now (at least for me) - got DCed while playing 3 games straight. I'm afraid people will brand me as a leaver due to this.
  9. Still happening - got DCed 5+ during game and forge. I do have a very stable connection here (Singapore) - so I don't it's my machine. Make that 6
  10. Hi, so many DC today (22 Jan) - around 5 now. Edit: now it's 6. 7... (I couldn't complete my dailies :D) due to disconnect.
  11. Hands

    Request for Ban

    Too addicted on playing, need to focus on other stuff!
  12. Hands

    Request for Ban

    Hi Admin, Could you please "ban" my account (Handy) - torres_ht@hotmail.com? Thanks! Handy
  13. Same here, tested 2 different accounts so I can log an issue. Tried to open the 2 boosters but got an error instead.
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