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  1. I'm new here so don't ban me just because i wasn't active or didn't posted anything because then i played this game i played for about 2 days before it got shut down so yea ;/ im really hoping to play this game and im waiting since the beginning of project

    1. ThomasMann


      lol why would you get banned for this 

    2. Ultrakool


      Don’t worry bud, there’s many who are waiting here just follow it now and then and you won’t miss the grand reopening :) 

    3. MrXLink


      Don't worry, there's no reason to ban you, and we won't ban you for not being active. You can be as active as you want to be, and your activity in the old game really doesn't mean anything bad to us. Welcome to the community, and we're happy to bring BattleForge back to you! :) 


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