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    First of all i hope i won't get banned for my opinion😅 Guys we don't have to be mad at you just because of the delays ^^ if someone dares to blame you or abuse then they are really dumb people because they are too stupid to understand the pressure you have and how it's hard to program or to code files and espescially for students because you guys don't even have to bring this game no one forces you you have your own life to live you have hard studies and this project is like a hoby which you are sharing with us community i won't say just to ignore negative comments or other stuf cause i know it's hard but just keep what you are doing and you don't have to hurry with open beta release so it will be more stable ^^ i'm here since 2015 june and i have no regrets for waiting so long and i can even wait 3 more years just to het oportunity to play this game ^^ so yeah just keep it up and stay on good mood skylords wish you best ^^

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