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  1. Gamebreaker

    1 - Forced Server Crash?

    Hey guys, Ich checked the last topics here, but didnt find anything. Sorry if I doublepost though. I was playing some pve matches for a couple of hours (~2-3 hours) without any problems. So no DC's while starting a game or ingame. No lags or whatever. Time of day was about 11:00 to 13:40 CEST (Time when crash occured). At the crash Time I played Convoy Standard solo, but I think that doesnt matter. I was about 20 minutes ingame. While moving with the mouse I accidently clicked the friendlist. The Game freezes and after about 45 seconds I got the message "Disconnected - Your Client has lost the connection to the server". I was able to log back into the client, but I wasnt able to start any more games. I tried to start about 10 matches for the next 30 minutes, but I was always disconnected in the starting loading screen of the match. I didnt have this issue before. Because of that, unfortunately, I couldnt test this described bug in case of REPRODUCIBILITY. I dont know if this was just coincidence with server issues, or if maybe I was responsible for this crash and further problems. Hope I could help at all. Greetings P.S. I am very active in the game and in discord but not that often in the forum. But I will have an eye on this topic for the next days if u have any questions.
  2. Gamebreaker

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    take the time you need and release it, when everything is working fine. Maybe u can do us a favor for that and remove the planned reset on open beta phase 3, so we can nolive as soon as open beta comes out

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