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    I love CS:GO, Ark:Survival Evolved and Battleforge! :)

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  1. Maxplayer876

    Lord Cyrian

  2. Maxplayer876

    The Nature wins

  3. Maxplayer876

    Getting selected for Alpha

  4. Maxplayer876

    App on Mobile Phones

    Good idea! ^^
  5. Maxplayer876

    BF tabletop cardgame

    Wow great Idea, you have my follow!
  6. Maxplayer876

    How can i get BFP? and how much costs boosters?

    Thank you very much for your answer!, greetings.
  7. How can i get BFP? and how much costs boosters?
  8. Maxplayer876

    new account BFPs at the start?

    Its completely Free2play there i no way to buy any ingame content.
  9. Maxplayer876

    Dragon Cards!

    Wow its so awesome!
  10. Maxplayer876

    First BattleForge Reborn community challenge!

    Nice challanges! good idea!
  11. Maxplayer876

    Is the game gonna be in HD ?

    Yes its will be in HD
  12. Maxplayer876

    Release Date of BFReborn

    The release date is unknown :/ but its very soon!!
  13. Maxplayer876

    Opening Tournament

    Thank you very much!
  14. Maxplayer876

    Opening Tournament

    When we win an Tournament we become bfp or bfboosters?

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