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  1. Ah, like a contributor rank. Well, that can be a thing i wouldn't mind. If its a donation you can make money legally. As donation you get money from a person as a "gift", not exactly for the game, or to be able to play the game. If i'm right BFR has reached their donation limit. Hence why they need a company manager. Problem is not that they can't accept donations, the problem is they can't get more. Their regular paypal account has limits
  2. Then why is the silver, gold membership? If they would give any advantages to the paying players, I wouldn't want it either.
  3. I would not pay monthly fee to any game even if i love it.
  4. 1334 posts in this topic Which means im correct. 1335 is next
  5. Somebody missed a number. Here i am to bring justice 1331
  6. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc5gaLn-boL9hfxsDfTCsIPBmagKwkavo Some useful tutorials. Also his PvP casts are educating too
  7. 1252 I sneak in Wiggle wiggle wiggle
  8. When i was 12-13 we used to play a lot half-life in school with other students and teachers too There were even tournaments. When i sucked at it i died alot and always said "Aztaaaa" because i was "fret" ( not sure if this is the right word ). it's actually hard to find the right word translation to this, i can only describe it. So its only clear for hungarians But then i got better at the game, and named my self Azta. Whoever i killed after that always shouted "Aztaaaa" haha. Even some student started calling me Azta since that. And one of the teachers also called me Azta ever since lol. So
  9. He has many alter accounts on forum to boost his rep And talk with himself when he is bored.
  10. I think the deck level restriction is a good idea. Rather than Upgrade level.
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