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  1. NAME: Game crashes after creating lobby SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Game lobbys REPRODUCIBILITY: at the moment always DESCRIPTION: [Today i try to join a game, this doesn´t work. If i click the join game button simply nothing happens. After that, if I try to start a new game lobby (doesn´t matter if i create a single player map lobby or a map with more players) the game crashes with 2 error messages. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: 2 Screenshots added. Error message 1 directly comes up, after i click creating lobby (game itself runs in the background, i can hear the music) if i clic
  2. But hey, ecchi is so funny sometimes ^^
  3. [quote='iClaws' pid='9919' dateline='1438003041'] Hello everyone im iClaws. I was introduced to BF by a friend in 2010 or something. Wasnt much of a gamer back then, but i liked the game and i played it a lot. I was sad when it shut down, so i feel very happy and hype that I get to play this game again. [/quote] Welcome, Skylord! :)
  4. Akame ga kill was awesome too! One of my all time favs, thats not in my list: Hellsing Ultimate. Love the Badass vampire scenarion. Man cmon its a fucking vampire he has to be badass... and not starting to glitter, when he stands in the sun!
  5. 1. Psycho pass 2. Fairy Tail 3. Parasyte the maxim Movies: 1. Ghost in The shell 2 innocence 2. Summer wars 3. Ghost in The shell 1 (2.0 Version)
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