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  1. Injilos

    Whats ur fav unit concept in BF!

    Mine is Avatar of Frost. I love the conecpt of low live pool, but with a continuously respawning high capacity shield. Feels awesome if u micro them kinda well, they will never loose live points Second is Deepcoil Worm with tunnel ability. Very unique feature, with very high amount of possible tactics!
  2. Injilos

    Open-Beta Announcement Stream !

    Uuuuh finally
  3. Injilos

    Server Cost

    I hope the devs are reading this... I think it´s really nice to say: Hey we are spending the spare money, but better keep it for hard times... and if u really have enough money (like for over 2 years) then you can start spending it! But the first position will has to be the server and not the spending!
  4. Injilos

    Server Cost

    [quote='wertyy' pid='11408' dateline='1438342877'] in my opinion this is a mistake ,all money should kept for server future upgrades/expenses ,that kind of server hosting will not be cheap . (its not a 20slot player server) [/quote] This.
  5. Injilos

    Server Cost

    @ladadoos yeah you are right it was around 600 and 700... and no, they will never say it to us. Information is power. It makes you vulnerable. So its better if the people don´t know the exact facts about infra structure.
  6. Injilos

    Server Cost

    [quote='wertyy' pid='11115' dateline='1438237981'] have the admin bought/rent the server or its going to happen later? [/quote] Nope, dont think so. But they said, that they can pay the server for a few months with the actual spent money
  7. Injilos

    BFR Alpha Trailer

    Great job m8! Really cool one!
  8. Injilos

    Favorite Anime!

    But hey, ecchi is so funny sometimes ^^
  9. Injilos

    Favorite little guys

    Grim Bahir is not a small unit ^^ my favourite small unit is the crystal fiend too! Awesome support in PvE or PvP!
  10. Injilos

    Music list

    Nah, the Sound ist not good ^^. With free its only around 192 kbps, with premium max 320kbps. With premium its okay, but definitly not good. With my headphones i can hear the difference ;)
  11. Injilos

    Music list

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaah Spotify... the sound quality is simply too bad. :P And i cant watch it, cause i dont have an account
  12. Injilos

    Introduce Yourself!

    [quote='iClaws' pid='9919' dateline='1438003041'] Hello everyone im iClaws. I was introduced to BF by a friend in 2010 or something. Wasnt much of a gamer back then, but i liked the game and i played it a lot. I was sad when it shut down, so i feel very happy and hype that I get to play this game again. [/quote] Welcome, Skylord! :)
  13. Injilos

    Favorite Anime!

    Akame ga kill was awesome too! One of my all time favs, thats not in my list: Hellsing Ultimate. Love the Badass vampire scenarion. Man cmon its a fucking vampire he has to be badass... and not starting to glitter, when he stands in the sun!
  14. Injilos

    Favorite Anime!

    1. Psycho pass 2. Fairy Tail 3. Parasyte the maxim Movies: 1. Ghost in The shell 2 innocence 2. Summer wars 3. Ghost in The shell 1 (2.0 Version)
  15. Injilos

    Your story about a Battleforge card

    Core Dredge. I always wanted this card. Some day i traded for a lot of my cards. Worth it. :D

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