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  1. I've had this problem since morning. Whenever you do the loading to start the game, it always freezes. I've been trying since morning! Is everyone having this problem or is it just me? Sorry for the inconvenience!
  2. When I'm in a PvP game or campaign, my game freezes and I can not do anything
  3. Shadows


    So just wait?
  4. Shadows


    Whenever I try to log in I always have this error? Is it from the servers?
  5. No problem! tests in 1st place !! just to know that the game will come back we wait all the time in the world !! good job
  6. Shadows

    New cards?

    the game already has many cards to new cards only create new promos in the days of Christmas Easter party type etc.
  7. men on the other BattleForge get two normal harvester in two consecutive booster and changed later by a juggernaut promo
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