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  1. knows that ladadoos cares about everything about dawn
  2. said I was happy 3 hours after i said i was happy
  3. is correct that ladadoos has too much free time.
  4. has just surprised me with a lovely song :)
  5. Apparently doesn't know that it was actually @Navarr that gave him false hope :P
  6. doesn't that that I am actually not a King and that I only look like one o.o
  7. has the same picture in his signature as Jose Almeida
  8. I actually dont know... dados means dice in portuguese... So ya could say my name means " the dice " :P
  9. still didn't break up with his current GF to marry me
  10. It was more of a responce to the " we are trailling of the thread topic " part. But ya, I guess I said the same. I'm sorry UltraKool, I hope you don't punish me ;(
  11. [quote='Ultrakool' pid='3860' dateline='1436533174'] AH will be dead for a month, I'm sure :P depends how many cards the devs put in AH and what prices though.By the way, we are kind of trailing off the thread topic here and I don't see any other topic relating to the thread that we can discuss. [/quote] I believe there isn't much mroe to discuss about promo cards drop rate :P
  12. [quote='Aazrl' pid='3858' dateline='1436532825'] Sure, there will be small amount of card to buy. But remember, that people will not have bfp to buy eruption for 200bfp or forest elder for 4k. [/quote] Yes. They will just stay in AH. By the time people have enough BFP to buy the cards I think the prices will have gone down alot.
  13. [quote='Aazrl' pid='3856' dateline='1436532089'] I am afraid that all prices will change now. There is no way that cards like forest elder will cost 4k bfp at start. [/quote] Well, my guess is cards are gonna start very high because there is going to be someone that's gonna start to put like Eruption for 200bfp or something and since there aren't many other cards because the game just started, no one is going to be able to put for cheaper in AH. So what I mean is, that Forest Elder might go for 4k, but chances are no one is going to buy it and that after a while it will go down. [hr] Or what also could happen is that no one is going to do AH in the beginning since everyone is gonna play matches and there isn't alot of cards going around.
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