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  1. 2 hours ago, RookieN said:

    Thank you! still everybit helps now i know i need more focus on balancing 🙂 waves might be to hard or fast and such. How far did you get and were did you feel it was too hard/impossible? The B marker i must have forgot 😄

    I think where it went wrong is that my teammate pinged me to help attack the top, while I also had to defend the bottom. I think I likely should just have focused defend the bottom, and that that's also what you intended (but I might be wrong). We lost when Twilight Treefiends started attacking from the bottom, because I did not have enough defenses set up. I think had I focused defending, it would have been much easier. The addition of the B goal on the minimap will likely help add emphasis on the fact that you need to focus defending.

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  2. 34 minutes ago, DevDanielson said:

    Makes sense. Thanks for the quick answer! I appreciate it, always fun to discuss software projects and get to know a bit about the ins and outs 😁

    The special effect editor is made with C# and WPF, maybe you can help there at one point 🙂 

  3. Quote

    in what framework is this forum build and what  (external) libraries/packages are used for the forum?

    This forum is from Invision Community, we use the IPS Focus Animate theme and have a few plugins for example for the Patreon integration or multi-account detection. It's an off the shelf solution that has worked out fine thus far, although sometimes leaves features or customizations to be desired. Besides some tweaks here and there, we did not change much. I know Invision Commnity uses PHP with a MySQL database, but as for what exact technologies they use in the forum itself I think you're better off looking at their documentation/website. But maybe the mention of PHP scares you away already :blight:


    And are all projects you guys develop for Skylords Reborn open source?

    No, they are not. Projects are open sourced when we think it makes sense and is appropriate to do so. Unfortunately up until now this has rarely been the case. With that being said, we will be open-sourcing our special effect editor that we finished not too long ago, as can be seen in our community update.


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